The Monster Journal by Emma Liggett

The Monster Journal by Emma Liggett

The Monster Journal by Emma Liggett kindle

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Dusty is an endangered species: a human. It’s been nearly two years since the monsters arrived. Dusty, along with her best friend Mark, have been surviving in what’s left of the world. They travel from place to place, always one step ahead of the monsters, always looking out for each other. Mark is the only person Dusty can turn to when times get hard. But despite being her best friend, there are some things Dusty can’t bring herself to tell him. In a world where survival is a struggle, personal matters aren’t important. In this world of humans and monsters, each day is a challenge. Simple tasks like finding food, water, or a safe place to sleep aren’t easy when you’re not sure if the humans in the area will take kindly to strangers… or if there are monsters lurking in the shadows. But when tragedy strikes, Dusty is forced to make a choice. A choice that will alter her fate, the fate of her best friend, and the fate of an unfortunate interloper. A choice that could either save them all, or fling them right into the hands of monsters.

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