Living with Ghosts: The experiences of the twins of St. Matthew’s by Samuel Nnama

Living With Ghosts: The Experiences of the Twins of St Matthew is a non-fictional account of the author’s childhood growing up with his twin brother in a rural Nigerian, West African village as a child of missionaries. Haunted by the ghosts in St Matthew’s cathedral, the author reveals the minds of children dealing with what he terms as “strange encounters”. He also offers insight on how parents can handle children who go through these experiences, including how to handle adopted children from non Christian backgrounds.

The book starts the reader on the journey of a Prince who left the luxury of royalty to become a missionary. This is a classic case of where African traditional values meets western Christianity. From the vivid account of the late pastor’s wife in a bridal gown playing with goats, to the paranormal experiences in the church’s graveyard, the readers are taken on an exciting journey. Samuel Nnama leads the reader through the casual paranormal and supernatural encounters of angels, and ghosts that occur in the life of him and his twin. Thrilling and enthralling, Living With Ghosts: The Experiences of the Twins of St Matthew heralds the entrance of a prolific writer, whose life suddenly came to an end just 2 weeks after completing this manuscript.

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