Minimalist by Author CJ Borden

Author: CJ Borden


Do you constantly imagine your home looking neat, tidy and relaxing?

Do you desire your home to be free of unwanted clutter in order to be surrounded by an abundance of peace, serenity, and simplicity?

Do you aspire to declutter, so that you can live a purpose driven life? If yes to any of this then, Live With Less To Gain More is what you need. In this book you will discover:


  • Why Minimalism? How it helps you slow down, learn to create space, find minimalism possible.
  • The Minimalism Theory. Disassociate yourself from material belongings.
  • How to create a Minimalist Mindset.
  • Benefits of Minimalism Lifestyle. Less stress, time for loved ones, path to a better future, freedom, and less cleaning.
  • Goal of Minimalism. Learn to minimize your home, workplace and life.
  • Ensure you don’t fall back on your old ways.
  • Misconceptions. Understand what minimalism is not to keep you focused and on track of decluttering.

Hoarding that causes a cluttered home is a problem. It causes stress and anxiety that leads to a negative lifestyle, it affects relationships with the ones that are closes to you, and it causes your home to be unlivable. But now, it is time to change and take action. Live With Less To Gain More was written to help people just like you. It describes a manageable process that will swiftly get you on the right path to having a clean, calm and peaceful home to live in.

Take action and change your life. Buy this book now and start decluttering to bring back clearness, happiness and peace into your life!

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