Going Home (Return to Summit Falls Book 1) by Jacie Middlemann

Going Home (Return to Summit Falls Book 1) by Jacie Middlemann


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Summit Falls is a small town in the middle of nowhere that could be anywhere. It’s small enough that even though you might not know everyone…you know who everyone is. And they know you.

Years ago four young men left their hometown of Summit Falls. Each of them ready to take on whatever the world had to throw at them. Now, years later, two of them are coming home.

Jonah Sutherland has made public service his life’s work. It may not have been his plan when he walked away from Summit Falls all those years ago but it remains his focus as he returns. He’s learned a lot over the years in his chosen profession but he’s never lost sight of his own ideals and standards instilled in him not just by his parents, by the brothers related to him in all ways but blood, but also by the town he grew up in and the people he was surrounded by.

Adam Dane spent years doing everything he could to put Summit Falls in his rear view mirror. Once he finally did he made it no secret he was never going back. It’s been twenty years and he’s about to walk away from the career that brought him numerous awards and accolades. No one’s more surprised than he when Summit Falls is his next destination.

Going Home is the first in the Return to Summit Falls series. It is the story of four men who learned from childhood that not all family ties are those we are born to. Going Home is about how life, family, and the things most important to us can change in a single day…a single moment. And how those we are closest to and know best can still surprise us the most.

Return to Summit Falls is a series that includes books classified by Amazon as Short Reads and some that are a bit longer. The books in this series fall in the two hours and more reading time. If you love sitting down with a novella style book you’ll enjoy the Return to Summit Falls series.

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