The BEST Professional eBook Conversion Service

The BEST Professional eBook Conversion Service

eBooks are the Future
With advancing technology and the use of phones, laptops, and tablets becoming extremely common, readers have been rapidly switching to from physical books to electronic books known as eBooks. Although there are many readers out there who are more comfortable with the idea of having hard copies in their hands, if we compare, eBooks are much more convenient cost less, and take up significantly less space (thank you Kindle!).

Authors and publishers are increasingly moving toward the release eBooks, and in many cases release eBook exclusives on platforms such as Amazons Kindle (.mobi). the Barnes and Noble Nook (Epub), or even the Apple ibookstore (Epub). However, converting your book into the proper format required by these eBook platforms is no easy feat. This is where eBook conversion services arrive to save the day!
Good profession eBook conversion services are hard to find, but not anymore as we found the best of the best! A company called Ebookifi is the Planet eBooks #1 recommended leading edge eBook conversion service! Now let’s find out why!

Why choose Ebookifi

A lot of us writers have been through the pain of muddled and unbelievably scattered and untidy eBook conversions that can and will diminish the overall quality of the writing no matter how much effort was put in; not to mention just reading something like that can give you a headache or massive eyestrain.
With Ebookifi, this is something you will not have to worry about. The reason behind this is the uncanny services offered by them. This is due to the expertise and knowledge brought forward by this company which focuses on fixing the most common problems faced while going through the time consuming and frustrating process of professional eBook conversion.

Some examples of common problems include formatting issues, layout issues, and accessibility issues. Ebookifi is a company which will guarantee all such issues will be corrected in a timely and efficient manner, and all while promising a great customer service experience.

With Ebookifi authors can forget worrying about the content fitting the screen, the resolution not being accurate to the readers choice, or the formatting not being quite what you desire. Throw all these problems out the window. This will give your writing the appreciation it deserves as it will be so much more professional looking in all available platforms. This will no doubt add to a much more enjoyable experience for both the reader and the author!

When creating Ebookifi, the main focus was on:

• Speed and reliability

To make sure that the problems of the customers are met as soon as possible

• Modern
To be aware of the typical features and characteristics of a typical ebook and work in accordance

• Friendly approach
To provide customers with services they themselves feel involved in by giving them advice and opinions regarding whatever they ask

• Thorough
To make sure to bring the skill and expertise required to deal with all kinds of issues

• Enjoyable
To make sure that the customers leave with such a result that they are completely content and happy with their work.

There are many eBook conversion services providers out there.. but in our opinion, only Ebookifi offers the service for the best price! We encourage readers to browse the Ebookifi website and conduct your own review:

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