Digital Publishing for EBooks and Downloads in 2019 and Beyond

Digital Publishing for EBooks and Downloads in 2019 and Beyond

Due to convenience and price effectiveness, EBooks are now very widely popular. Many people actually prefer buying EBooks rather than buying hard copies. Just one of the many reasons behind this is that these are instantly available. You can both buy and sell books from the comfort of your own home. You can also find books at very great prices (much cheaper than paperbacks). Even most of the educational genre has now gone digital so this trend is certainly not slowing down.
The digital world has also ushered in a new era of self published authors with the ability to control their own pricing and choose their own publishing platforms. There are a number of different platforms which offer this service as the traditional sources like Amazon Kindle and Smashwords, But there is another rising star in the industry called DPD (Digital Product Delivery). DPD offers services to sell both EBooks and other Downloadable products as well. So why use DPD over something like Amazon? What exactly is DPD anyway? Lets review:

What is DPD?

Digital Product Delivery is an easy to use digital publishing platform for helping creators sell donwloads and deliver content such as ebooks, music, or software. This platform is not actually designed to compete with existing platforms out there such as Amazon or Apple.. but instead compliments these platforms and assists creators by offering creators such as authors and musicians an additional tool to cut out the middle man and sell directly to customers for a larger profit.

Top 6 Reasons to Try DPD:

1) Authors can actually make MORE money! This is because they can sell books directly rather than sharing giving an Amazon a hefty chunk of the profits with Amazon (or other publishers such as Apple, Barnes and Noble, etc). Authors can sell their own books directly on their own existing websites thus giving away ZERO commission and NO per sale fees (keep all the profits!) using tools. pricing model DPD has chosen instead is to offer one very affordable, cost saving, FLAT monthly fee (


2) DPD offers a 30 day FREE trial that does NOT require you to give a credit card number. This means no hidden fees and no unwanted charges! Try it for yourself.

3) IT’S SIMPLE! DPD literally is as simple as copy and paste.




4) All sales get paid directly to your payment provider and most popular processors are supported

5) DPD Integrates with existing marketing tools! Existing marketing tools such as MailChimp, iContact, AWeber, Google Analytics, and more are all supported!

6) There is also a demo store setup available with demo products at This way you can get a much clearer idea as to how this service works so you can build your comfort with it. Try it out to see if this service would be feasible for you or not. Try before you buy!

There are over 40,000 vendors who have sold more than $150,000,000 using DPD alone. This platform allows you to basically do things your way without a getting a greedy retailer involved. Go to and explore your options.

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