Control by Alexander A Hamilton

Control by Alexander A Hamilton

Control Kindle Edition by Alexander A Hamilton

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It’s Friday on a cold, wet November evening in London and Kevin Anderson is returning home from work, questioning his future in the civil service. His journey will take him to Soho after following a man who had been following him.Across town in Covent Garden Jason Collins thinks about his performance at a job interview as he dreams a new future for his family, wanting to put the horrors of Helmand behind him. The strange behaviour of a man in a museum causes him to investigate. His path will cross with Kevin’s and in the days after they begin to realise the significance of what they witnessed. When Jason shares his suspicions with his old friend Rory Gallagher the consequences of his curiosity become all too apparent when Rory goes missing and Kevin is hunted.400 miles away in Edinburgh Euan Patterson is looking to kick start his career after leaving University. The photographs he will take outside the Scottish Parliament will put his life in danger. It will also see his destiny connect with Kevin, Jason and Rory as they hide from a sinister organisation trying to kill them.When a reign of terror spreads across the country the reality of what Jason and Kevin witnessed becomes clear. Survival will not be enough; the very future of their country will depend on how far they are prepared to go to stop the revolution that is coming.

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