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Your Christmas Love Holiday Romance by Bestselling Author Layla Hagen is about Sienna Hensley; her sister Victoria is married to Christopher Bennett. Sienna works at a Statham store in San Francisco & eventually hopes to work at the Bennetts jewelry company. But things change when Winston Statham takes over his parents company when they retire & he decides to reside in San Francisco. He has a reputation of being a grouchy Boss but Sienna tries to get him to bond with his employees. Of course we also get updated on the rest of the Bennetts as the story progresses.

If you’re a fan of the Bennett Series you’ll definitely enjoy Sienna & Winston’s story!


Sienna Hensley-Bennett loves everything about the Christmas season, from hanging decorations to the cozy get-togethers with her family. Despite being part of the well-known Bennett family, Sienna is determined to first gather experience before joining their business. Her job at Statham department store is perfect for that. But her new boss, Winston Statham, is going to be a slight problem.

Winston is broody, dictatorial, and sexy as all get out.

For Winston Statham, Christmas is just a reminder of the deadline looming ahead this year. Saving the store his parents build is his top priority. At least until he finds his branding manager singing and dancing to carols while hanging twinkling lights in his favorite meeting room.

He can’t get the sexy sway of her hips out of his mind…or her determination to make him smile. But when he asks her to stay overtime, work isn’t the only thing on his mind. Before long, he’s willing to do anything for one more kiss, one more night together. Winston falls so hard for Sienna, that he can’t imagine ever letting her go.

But with his future up in the air, can he promise her anything more than an unforgettable Christmas season?

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