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Marla invites Olivia to visit her in Lily Rock, on the way Olivia gets into an auto accident and is rescued by a handsome stranger. When she gets to her friends house no one answers the door, walking around the property she is met by the mayor of Little Rock who happens to be an actual dog and together they discover Marla dead. Olivia feels that she must find the killer of her childhood friend. Lots of mystery, kooky characters and subtexts.


Olivia Greer’s trip to the small town of Lily Rock has not been the relaxing getaway she hoped for.

She was run off the road by a tailgater.
Rescued by a handsome stranger.
A friend was found dead.
Oh, and now Olivia is the prime suspect in the murder.
She really should have stayed home.

Stranded in town as the investigation continues, Olivia must come to her own defense and uncover the secrets lurking beneath Lily Rock’s surface. In this seemingly sweet burg full of quirky characters, it’s easy to get swept up in its charm. But who can she truly trust in this town full of strangers? And who seeks to bury her beneath Lily Rock?

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