Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hard Questions

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A little book of timeless wisdom by the founder of TinyBuddha.com: An “engaging, thought-provoking book” that explores life’s biggest questions (Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project).


What is the meaning of life? Why are relationships so hard? What does it take to be happy? The answers to these and life’s other questions are explored in author Lori Deschene’s Tiny Buddha.

In 2008, Deschene began asking life’s biggest questions on Twitter. The many insights that came flooding back to her became the starting point for this uniquely modern guide to life’s most ancient mysteries. Through the process of engagement, research, and personal reflection, Deschene learned that these questions unite us. And while no one answer is right for everyone, the simultaneous lack and abundance of answers is the answer.

Tiny Buddha combines many of the responses Deschene received with her own insightful essays and lessons from wise teachers throughout time, as well as practical tips and exercises to help you bring more meaning and intention to your life. Deschene also shares her own experiences overcoming depression, isolation, self-loathing, and a sense of meaninglessness. The result is a guide that helps readers discover the endless possibilities of a life lived mindfully in the present, connected to others.


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