The Last Night: A Small Town Post Apocalypse EMP Thriller (EMP Survival in ... Price: $4.99 (as of 08/24/2023 22:07 PST- Details)

When an EMP attack shatters the world as we know it, courage, family, and sacrifice become the only beacon of hope.


When a catastrophic EMP attack sends the United States into turmoil, a tightly-bonded group of friends and family must navigate the chaos. After escaping the city’s horror, they face another menace – their home, a remote gas station, is now controlled by a ruthless biker gang allied with deadly cartels. Armed with courage, wit, and an unbreakable bond, they must reclaim their sanctuary. In a world rapidly losing its order, will they rise against the odds or have their hopes extinguished? This is a story of resilience, sacrifice, and redemption in an altered world.

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