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This story delves into the enthralling, dark world of Luther Van Leer, a prisoner in the vampire queen’s castle. This tale is a captivating blend of betrayal, revenge, and the unforeseen paths of fate. Luther’s transformation into a vampire by Queen Amelia is a twist that propels the story into a realm of intense emotions and complex relationships.

The author masterfully constructs a feudal world rife with prophecy, conflict, and intrigue. The vivid descriptions of the salt mines, bird cages, and the Forbidden Lake immerse readers in a richly detailed and haunting landscape. The dynamic between Luther and Amelia is fraught with tension, making their journey a compelling exploration of forgiveness and enmity.


My name is Luther Van Leer, and I’m a prisoner in the vampire queen’s castle. She’ll let me out if I’m willing to meet her demands, but I will refuse until she puts a stake through my heart. I’ll not let her turn me into a monster. At least, that was my plan. With a turning kiss, I was turned into a monster, banished, beaten, and betrayed. Now, my master expects that I will fall in love with her and play nice. If my cold-dark heart ever finds her, revenge will be mine!

Step into the dark and feudal world of the four kingdoms. The prophecy hangs over the land, turning kings and queens against each other. When Amelia turns Luther, she unknowingly drags him into her world. Instead of gaining a lover, she gains another enemy. Will Luther forgive her ultimate betrayal and help her survive, or will he abandon her? It would be his right.

From the darkness of the salt mines, the horrors of the bird cages, the temptations of the Forbidden Lake, and dragon tattoos, Luther and Amelia will be in a race against time to save their kingdom.

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