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Noirish, hard-edged, and memorable Las Vegas procedural.”
An emotionally charged, brilliantly-written debut crime thriller.” –


Complex characters. Shocking twists. A debut crime thriller readers can’t put down.

When Maria Varela first made detective, more than a few cops called her a nepo-baby behind her back. Sure, having a legendary detective for a father hadn’t hurt her career, but he was retired, and the one closing cases was her, not him. Eventually all the arrests silenced even the loudest of the doubters.

Then a long dormant serial killer murders her brother.

Last seen in 1983, the Desert Saint killed five people. All shot twice in the head with the same gun. All with a token placed on the left hand. The best efforts of law enforcement to solve the murders had failed, and when the killings stopped, Las Vegas moved on. Now, only retired cops and the family members of the victims even remember who the Desert Saint was.

So why return now? And why kill her brother?

Capturing a killer no one else could is a hard enough task.

Figuring out why the Desert Saint came for her brother might tear Maria’s life apart.

Some crimes are best left unsolved.

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