The Key: A Plot Twisting Paranormal Thriller: Book One of the Sophie Lee Sa... Price:  $0.00 (as of 12/13/2022 09:45 PST- Details)

Don’t forget to spoil yourself this holiday season with this amazing read!

A fast-paced thriller…

The Borne Identity meets Atomic Blonde… that’s the story of The Key in a nutshell! I love a kick-ass female lead and Sofie Lee is definitely that!” – Stephen Galgon, Author


From an early age, Sophie Lee Harris was chosen to be the keeper of the key without any choice. Designed to survive anything thrown at her, it’s a challenge she’s able to keep. The only problem is, she can’t remember where she hid it after a traumatic car accident leaves her with amnesia… James Moore loves his best friends, Tina and Ben, like family. It’s time for their yearly trip to his parents house.

Despite Tina’s determination to get him to settle down with a woman, it is the chance meeting with a strange girl running from a group of thugs with guns that is about to change his life forever.

Will they be able to recover her memories before the man with the cane closes in?

Is the key to her survival lost forever? Together, they scramble to put the pieces in place, but time is running out, and lives are being taken. Who will be sacrificed next?…

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