The Cranio-Genesis Project: Dawn of a New World Order

Sci-Fi collides with global thriller in this fantastic debut novel by Terence J. Murphy. He masterfully steers you through a present-day tale fraught with intrigue, scientific what-ifs, and an outcome that will keep you wishing for more.

I can immediately see how this fact-based fiction novel comes to life as a streaming mini-series or a big screen thriller. The literary visuals provide a solid grounding to realistic events and possibilities.” – Jon Piatt, Aerospace and Defense Industry Executive


The clandestine Cranio-Genesis Project, shuttered over a decade ago, carries mysterious secrets that unknowingly have changed the world forever.

The successful revival of twelve brain-dead children through electromagnetic stimulation of their cerebral cortex begins as a medical breakthrough, then morphs into an unintended advancement in human evolution.

With the world not yet ready to face its future self, the project’s details and its children are hidden away.

Unknown to newly elected U.S. President Paul Schmidt, an adversary covertly extracted the program’s secrets. They’ve used it to develop an unrivaled military force and bait the president into war.

Drs. Peter and Heidi Davidson, the husband-and-wife team of neuroscientists who led Cranio-Genesis, emerge to help President Schmidt unravel the mystery of the new capability and its tie to their former program.

Unable to counter the growing threat of this new lone superpower, the twelve children become the president’s last hope to strike back before it’s too late.


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