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A group of elderly care home residents live in fear for their lives. Detectives Roberts and Bradley must crack two cases at once or pay the ultimate price. Can they deliver? Or will their latest clients be the death of them?

In a thrilling conclusion, Eva and Dan must fight for their new way of life. Or die trying.
The First Cut is always the deepest…


Detectives Roberts and Bradley are starting over. Cases are thin on the ground, but when an ex-cop comes calling new enemies soon show their faces… And an unexpected phone call brings a dark surprise.

The call from an elderly resident at a care home doesn’t seem promising, but their cry for help must be answered. When Eva and Dan discover the cause of the problem, unpleasant care staff are the least of their worries. Mysterious shipments come and go through the building on a nearly daily basis. The driver of a black convertible seems to be the key to a black market operation. But why use the care home at all?

The Golden Years care home has been invaded – the elderly residents caught up in a criminal plot. The motive for the ruse isn’t clear, but unless Roberts and Bradley expose the truth someone will surely die.

But if they choose to expose it – the detectives will be the ones in the crosshairs.

Meanwhile, a retired cop client seeks their help to deal with the influx of new drugs laying waste to the town. The man has identified a smuggling route. No one wants to help him, especially the local police. Will Eva Roberts answer the call?

But the real question is – how long will Eva live to regret her decision?

Meet detectives Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley as you’ve never seen them before.

Old enemies. Wicked foes. And darkness unseen.

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