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Taking Boston is a story of how devastating sorrow can sometimes bring the greatest blessings.


Jake Wilson is something peculiar in the deep-south Bible belt town of Warner Robins, GA. He’s a single pastor. In his early thirties, he’s built a large, contemporary church with plans for an expansive building project. His six-year-old goddaughter, Boston, lives on the other side of the country. When her parents are killed in a car accident, she becomes an orphan, and Jake becomes an overnight father.

When Boston bonds with Jessica, a young divorcee from Jake’s church, Jessica becomes an integral part of their lives. Jessica awakens feelings in Jake he has long suppressed, but dark secrets haunt her. And when a vengeful church member learns of her past, he threatens to destroy everything Jake has worked for.

Now Jake must help both girls to heal from their traumas while fighting for the church he’s built. Can he be the father he needs to be? Can he help Jessica forgive herself? And can he save his church from the man determined to ruin him?

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