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“Unique, compelling, and quietly evocative . . . Tabernacle will simply delight literary readers.” — Midwest Book Review

“Sharply written and wonderfully wrought, this dark comedy packs a powerful punch . . . Cavella’s confident handling of his protagonist’s different sides, the original plot, and the expert execution make this one a page-turner.” ​-The Prairies Book Review

“A dark work of speculative fiction so closely rooted in reality that it’s kind of scary with plenty of witticisms in the dialogue and moments of narrative joy . . . An accomplished work of fiction that will highly impress those with a dark sense of whimsy and a thirst for a truly unique tale.” -Readers’ Favorite


A wildly successful salesman who sells a product that none of his clients actually wants is going to do everything he can—like adopting a destitute child and buying tons of john cena t-shirts—to earn the biggest commission of his career.

Tabernacle follows Edward Jones as he treks across the American Southwest in an effort to close his latest sale. Along the way, he ponders the nature of fatherhood, community, and man’s impact on the world around him.

A graceful blend of dark comedy, mystery, suspense, and neo-western noir, TABERNACLE is sure to be one of the funniest novels you’ll read all year.

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