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Everyone who travels across Britain has a story to tell. This is Alistair’s.If you like travel books, you’ll enjoy this inspirational story, which shows that with luck, curiosity and perseverance, anything is possible.

Having just finished Alastair’s latest book, on his second journey on LeJog with his trusty companions, cycling the length of our beautiful country. Once again, I was on his bike, enjoying all the bumps, heartaches, and diversions along the way. A thoroughly enjoyable, and informative book about our country, whilst Alastair peddles on, and tries to “Slow down and enjoy the ride


Is it possible to cycle 1,000 miles across Britain in 13 days and still find the time to slow down and enjoy the ride? Twenty years after riding from Land’s End to John O’Groats, Alistair set out with his friends to repeat the adventure and quickly discovered that times have changed. Bike computers have replaced maps and thousands of cycle paths now criss-cross Britain. It didn’t help that he now lives in Australia and spends more time on a paddle board than two wheels. With little training and a borrowed bike, he set off from Land’s End, determined to enjoy every moment.

Faced with so many natural distractions he soon began deviating from the plan. With many miles to cover, along remote tracks, these diversions came at a price and something had to break. Would it be the bike, the camaraderie or Alistair’s inquisitive nature?Along the way he survived heatstroke in Devon, went in search of a lady called Daphne and braved wild storms in Glasgow. After a swim in Loch Ness he found time to enjoy a beer in one of the remotest pubs in Scotland.

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