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Looking to strengthen your Mother to Daughter relationship?

From author O’Reilly Collaborative, Seven-Day Celebration The Mother~Daughter Connection Experience is more than just a guide to better mother to daughter connections. It’s a practical, customizable, and enduring concept that encourages heartfelt communication and legacy-building within your circle of caring and across the generations.

The format is easy to follow, with seven short segments filled with stimulating activities that engage all your senses and balance both personal reflection and group discussion. The graphics and quotes are beautiful and inspiring, and you can adjust the suggested modes of communication and timetables to better suit your circumstances.

With glowing 5 star reviews, “It’s therapeutic, growth-minded, and encourages establishing a legacy of heartfelt communication with loved ones.”

Whether you’re a mother, daughter, sister, or friend, this book will help you build stronger bonds and create shared moments that you can draw from in the future. So why not give it a try and see how it can transform your relationships?


Give the gift of time and connection.

This unique book will walk you through seven multi-sensory experiences that you share with your mother or daughter over video calls.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion like Mother’s Day or just want to create a sense of connection on an ordinary day, these experiences will bring joy and empowerment to both you and your mother or daughter. The activities are easy to follow and require little equipment or preparation.

In order to fully participate in the experiences, each individual should have a copy of the book. Be sure to buy one for yourself as well as one for your mother or daughter. You will be writing in the book and creating a keepsake! The activities can be adapted to accommodate multiple daughters, each with their own copy.

At the end of this fun experience, you will have a treasured keepsake full of the connections and memories you celebrated together!

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