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Fighting. Blackmail. Scandal. And they say rookies don’t have fun.

Fans of The Slapshot Series are devouring this new adult sports romance set in the same sunny beach city.



Jack Ruby is a fighter – literally.

At 19, he’s gotten into more fights than he remembers. It probably has to do with the fact that since he was a child, he’s been angry. His mother’s a drug addict who only talks to him when she wants money, he lives with his best friend since he has nowhere else to go, and he’s in love with said best friend’s sister.

He’s screwed.

The only good that comes out of this is he just signed with the Newport Beach Seagulls’s minor league affiliate, the Irvine Mayhem.

If he’s good at anything, it’s hockey. And sex. And fighting.

As long as he stays away from Lily, he’ll be fine.

But Jack’s never been good at playing by the rules.


Lily Sinclair doesn’t get the opportunity to say no when her brother and his best friend move in with her. She’s trying to get ready for her first year of college while they’re partying, getting into fights, and playing hockey.

Must be nice.

It wouldn’t be so bad if her brother was friends with anyone but Jack Sinclair. The brown eyes, the high cheekbones, that mischievous grin.

God, she’s in so much trouble.

When an ex shows up in her life, blackmailing her over a video Lily hadn’t been aware of, she’s tells him to eff off.

That’s when all hell breaks loose in the form of Jack Ruby.

Will he ever look at her the same way again?

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