Operation: Snare Drum: A WWII Submarine Adventure Novel (USS Bull Shark Nav... Price:  $0.00 (as of 12/02/2022 02:40 PST- Details)

December 7, 1941 – America is attacked by the Japanese and dragged into a worldwide struggle for power unlike anything ever seen on Earth.

Captivating story with interesting situations. The insight into the intracasies of the handling of a sub and going into combat were very mind boggling.”


While the United States and the Navy reel from the devastation of Pearl Harbor, the Nazis begin a brutal campaign within sight of the shores of the nation. U-boats prowl the American coast from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico, sinking shipping seemingly unopposed!

Now, one young and untested captain is given an experimental new submarine and sent on a top-secret mission. The German operation “Drumbeat” is well under way and it’s up to Lt. Commander Arthur Turner and the crew of the USS Bull Shark to draw a thin blue line.

Somewhere off our shores, a secret Nazi ship lurks. This disguised enemy vessel is directing the U-boat attacks and she must be stopped. Can Captain Turner and his untried boat and crew sink the Nazi plan before Germany cripples the American war effort in the Atlantic?

Exciting combat, deadly intrigue and a desperate struggle for power bring Turner and the Nazis together in an explosive and very personal contest that can have only one victor!

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