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In some chapters, the author’s style evokes J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, while other chapters take on a distinctively modern flair, complete with quick dialogue and intense action scenes. This spices up the reading experience so you’ll never get bored while reading this book!

Here’s what makes Mending the Promise fantasy adventure fiction book special:

  • Two carefully crafted stories, masterfully intertwined
  • Characters that you’ll quickly identify with
  • Dramatic, movie-like action scenes
  • Smooth but vivid language that’s a true pleasure to read
  • An intense ending that will leave you wanting more!


This Fantasy Adventure Fiction Series Combines Mythical Grandeur With Epic Action… And It’s Seriously Addictive!

It all started a long, long time ago, when a deity known simply as Existence created the Universe, the Firstborn, the Primordial Titans, and the first humans.

Many millenia later, a young man named Andre is investigating a series of mysterious murders. They seem linked to a cult that worships Scar-li-homun, one of the fallen Firstborn… Where will the investigation take him? What horrible truths will be unveiled? Also, what is this half-demon up to?..

Emir Keithford’s novel Mending The Promise marks the beginning of a new fantasy series titled An Honorless Moon. This fanciful story of gods, demons and titans, of epic battles and all-powerful love is sure to fascinate you!

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