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A short Valentine’s holiday romance.  Archer met his one and only but she disappeared on him. Mila thought it was just a one night stand not realizing that Archer went looking for her. When they finally met there might be some miscommunication but they finally realized they were meant to be together.


After attending her best friend’s wedding at the Valentine Hotel in Vegas, Mila threw caution to the wind—along with her virginity —to a hot stranger at the bar. It was the best thing that had happened to Mila in a long time. What woman doesn’t need a little crazy fun once in a lifetime? But when the pregnancy test comes back positive, Mila panics. With no money and no way to contact the father of the child, she feels like she committed the worst sin in Sin City.

Cupid’s arrow pierced Archer’s cold heart when he laid eyes on Mila in his hotel bar. The plan was to seduce her into becoming Mrs. Archer Valentine, but she disappeared before he could say the magic words. All his money and resources haven’t been able to locate her. Sin City has a way of keeping secrets, but Archer will tear the whole city down to find his Mila. And when he does, Cupid might have to avert his eyes from all the steam.

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