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May It Please The Court: A Mystery at a Regal Wisteria Resort by Daniel Maldonado is a great legal mystery. Mr. Maldonado’s years as an attorney shine through in this story, lending it an air of reality that many legal stories don’t have. The plot is intriguing, full of suspense and mystery, and lots of twists and turns that lead you on a winding path towards the end. The characters are excellent, really well-developed into likable people that you can relate to and there was plenty of action throughout.

The story starts slowly but it doesn’t take long to pick up the pace and drag you into a full-pelt race to the end. If you love mystery stories, especially legal mysteries, you are going to love this – it’s one of those books that, once started, you won’t put down until the very end.



After a Sweet Sixteen ceremony, Reyna Clifton – the mother of the birthday girl – is found severely injured at the bottom of the grand staircase of the Regal Phoenix Resort and Spa.

The Clifton family blames the resort for Reyna’s fall, and sues for negligence. Daniel Mendoza and his firm are called in to defend the lawsuit, but when Mrs. Clifton is found dead in her hospital room, Daniel’s suspicions arise.

With the help of his legal team and a private investigator, Daniel is determined to find out what really happened to Mrs. Clifton. But who would have wanted to murder her, and is there some other foul play involved?



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