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He’s a ruthless killer. He thinks he’s in total control.

She’s sworn to get even. She’ll stop at nothing to catch him.

Smartly paced, easy to follow and peopled with well-drawn characters, Killer in the Photo is an engaging and entertaining global thriller told in short punchy chapters.” – IndieReader


Kate St George is the Human Resources manager of Global Cuisine, an international catering group. She uses her position as cover to run a covert intelligence gathering unit of the UK’s National Crime Agency.

Her life is thrown into turmoil when a family member dies after ingesting a mysterious substance.

Kate’s ex-lover, Detective Inspector Patrick Ramsay of the Metropolitan Police, is assigned to investigate the death.

Defying orders, Kate launches a parallel investigation and swears to track down the killer.

As the body count rises, she uncovers a link between Ramsay’s investigation and imminent terrorist attacks in London and Bangkok. Walking a tightrope to keep her secret activities hidden, Kate is forced to collaborate with Ramsay to stop the attacks.

Out of options and time, Kate devises a daring plan to neutralize the terrorists. She risks her life, only to discover that she’s made a serious miscalculation.

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