Key Death (A Nicholas Colt Thriller) Price: $4.99 (as of 07/17/2020 23:52 PST- Details)

Book 4 in the pulse-pounding (A Nicholas Colt) Thriller series by bestselling Author Jude Hardin

Creepy goodness wrapped in Florida sunshine, with a side of blues guitar and a bourbon on the rocks. Great fun all around.” – Mark Terry, author of Sins of the Father


Nicholas Colt…

World-class guitarist with a crushed hand, private investigator with a revoked license. He has a kid in college, a wife working two jobs, and a “security consultant” gig that has gone dry.

A friend of a friend…

Wanda Taylor wants to meet her biological father for the first time. Happy to have the work, Colt soon discovers that the man he’s looking for was shot dead two years ago in his Key West apartment. Now Wanda wants Colt to investigate the murder. Determined to see justice served, she offers to send him down there for as long as it takes.

A serial killer…

They call him The Zombie.

They call him that for a reason.

As the horrible truth unfolds, Nicholas Colt is forced to confront one of his greatest fears.

And try to make it off the island in one piece.

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