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Undisturbed for aeons, something has been awakened…

If you love the science fiction works of Heinlein, Clarke or Asimov, try D.M. Pruden’s rousing military space opera adventure, Kaine’s Sanction, the first book in the Shattered Empire series.


When the UEF Scimitar is dispatched to retrieve an archaeologist from an isolated and abandoned Terran colony, young officer Hayden Kaine thinks it is a routine mission. But when a mysterious accident traps the ship in the quarantined star system, survival soon becomes everyone’s only concern.

Attacked by an unknown alien species, the ship is damaged and half of the crew is killed or injured, including the captain. The only surviving bridge officer, Kaine is thrust into the command seat; a role for which he is neither experienced nor prepared, and which most of the surviving crew do not easily accept.

While the enemy amasses an overwhelming invasion fleet capable of overwhelming the unsuspecting confederation, Kaine must stave off a mutiny long enough to find a way to warn Earth of the danger. If he fails, the empire which has survived for five hundred years will fall and humanity will be doomed to extinction by a foe whose existence seems to defy the laws of physics.

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