Frontier Sisters: An Oregon Trail Adventure (Courage on the Oregon Trail Se... Price:  $0.00 (as of 09/05/2022 09:24 PST- Details)

Oregon has to be better than what she has now.

All the books in the Courage on the Oregon Trail series take place within the same wagon company’s trip west and run concurrently.



Annie Hudson already has one foot out the door. She has responded to a mail order bride advertisement and now needs to figure out how to get all the way to Oregon.

When her older sister Louisa learns about her plans, she enlists the other two Hudson sisters to her side. They refuse to let Annie make the trip alone, and soon four women–and one teenage boy–are driving their wagons westward.

Each of the Hudson sisters has to reconcile what she had expected her lives to be with the adventure she is now choosing.

Will the sacrifice be enough to give them the future they’ve always wanted?

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