From Convenience to Love: A Clean & Sweet Regency Historical Romance No...

This clean and sweet romance features a kind Duke who would do anything for those he loves. Somehow he attracts ladies who have been mistreated by other heartless men. The conflict is when the men who have wronged the Duke’s friend and his new wife become confrontational, trying to extort money through blackmail.

 If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “From Convenience to Love”! Unlock the exciting story of Preston and Annabelle today!


Every moment she spent with him was her second chance to love…

Preston Forbes will take a huge responsibility to raise the child of his childhood friend Claudia after she became pregnant by a scoundrel and felt sick and poor and she was unable to take care of the child due to shame, sickness, and depression.

Annabelle Rutherford couldn’t imagine a life of happiness after her betrothed left her at the altar and her marriage prospects were nonexistent from then. When she will attend a ball, she won’t believe that a handsome man would approach and ask her to dance. But only when she finally accepted to dance with him they opened up to each other and they ended up arranging a marriage that would solve both of their problems!

This man was Preston and he asked Annabelle to meet Claudia. When the two ladies met, they quickly became friends, but they didn’t know that still the shadows from the past would hunt them into the present. Annabelle and Preston would have to fight to keep their family together. But how well do they know each other to trust that this marriage would work?

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