Portrait of Love: A Historical Regency Clean Sweet Romance Novel

Introducing “Portrait of Love”: Novel – Discover NOW The New Clean and Sweet Historical Regency Romance Book by Abby Ayles!

…All he wanted to do was buy a painting! He never expected to meet the love of his life….

“Portrait of Love” is a clean and sweet historical regency romance novel of approximately 85,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


The Duke of Cardinal, Stephen William Colbourn sets out to find a painting dear to his mother’s heart. He has searched far and wide for the beautiful work of art, eventually finding it in the home of the highly esteemed Duke of Norrend. When he visits Norrend to price the painting he wishes to purchase, he encounters something even more valuable.

Lady Annabelle is the beautiful and intelligent daughter of the the Duke of Norrend. She is cheerful, charismatic and a very accomplished lady of her age. She is absolutely dazzled when one day, a most unexpected Duke steals her thoughts and heart.

They are most enchanted by each other from the moment they meet and it seems like they are made for each other.

But what happens when Joanna, Lady Annabelle’s close friend accuses the Duke of making inappropriate advances at her?

Will his reputation be completely destroyed and sent away from Norrend?

And what happens when the painting the Duke wishes to purchase suddenly disappears?

Will their new love withstand the obstacles that repeatedly come up between them?


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