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Forbidden romance, secrets, and second chances will set Sagebrush Rose Ranch on a tilt. Will Honor and Cave succumb to their feelings, or allow birthright to extinguish happily ever after?


Finding Honor
A forbidden tryst with the rich boss’s daughter could land him in a heap of trouble…or with an unexpected future and a hankering for forever.

There’s an invisible line at Sagebrush Rose Ranch. Sam Rose’s beautiful daughters know it’s against the rules to fraternize with the hands, a boundary Honor Rose has respected until she meets Cave McCoy.

Coming from the wrong side of the tracks, Cave’s fully aware that Honor is both out of his league and big trouble, but sometimes a cowboy must take a risk to put out an internal fire. He thought he could dip in and dip back out unscathed, but Honor has a secret that will change their lives forever.

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