Don’t Tease Me: A Dark Mafia Age-Gap Romance by USA Today Bestselling... Price:  Original price was: $5.99.Current price is: $0.00. (as of 07/05/2024 06:01 PST- Details)

Lexi finds herself spiraling in debt with no way out. Until her friend suggest that she find herself a sugar daddy after Lexi ends up evicted. A great storyline, lovable characters, romance, and steamy scenes.


I own you now.
Desperate and alone, I strike a bargain with a mafia boss.
I make myself available to him, he pays my bills.
I’m his beck-and-call-girl. He’s my sugar daddy.
Bobby Manghini owns me–that’s our arrangement.

Giving myself to him is easy.
He may be older, but he’s sinfully sexy. Skillful in bed.
It’s a win-win for both of us, so long as I remember one thing:
Don’t fall in love.

Bobby calls the shots, but he doesn’t play for keeps.
I’m a toy, not his happily-ever-after.

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