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Featuring an over 50, successful heroine, Dating A Cougar is an original and unique contemporary romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Donna McDonald.


Alexa gave up on finding Mr. Right. No matter how well he kisses, younger man Casey Carter is not for her.

After two decades of looking for true love and never finding it, aging model and lingerie designer, Alexa Ranger, had finally given up searching. It’s shocking at fifty to find herself wanting a real sex life again, and even more shocking to be an older woman attracted to a younger man.

Thirty-eight-year-old, medically retired Marine, Casey Carter is incredibly sexy, but a relationship with the man is totally out of the question. Casey is related to her daughter’s boyfriend.

No matter how well Casey kisses, the last thing Alexa needs is another talk-show-worthy drama in her already complicated life.

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