‘Dan Cooper’: Based on the Real Story of the Relentless Pursuit...

In the chilling haze of a Pacific North West evening, on November 24, 1971, a mysterious man named ‘Dan Cooper’ boards Northwest Orient Flight 305.


Armed with a briefcase bomb and dark shades to mask his intent, he swiftly extorts $200,000 and disappears mid-flight, leaping into the unknown from a Boeing 727’s aft staircase. Beneath his enigmatic facade lies a past intertwined with rural Canada, service in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and daring aid-drops in war-torn Vietnam. As the world grapples with his audacious crime, relentless FBI agent Clifford Harding finds himself consumed by the chase. Young, sharp, yet teetering on the edge of obsession, Harding’s pursuit blurs the line between justice and vendetta. With shadows from ‘Dan’s’ past looming and Harding’s intentions growing murkier, one is left to wonder: Who is the real villain in this airborne dance of deceit? Will Harding unravel the mystery, or become its next casualty?

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