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Ready for a book that delivers a sweet mystery, wrapped in humor? Grab this sweet treat.

The delightfully quirky characters are a bonus to the solid mystery – CeeCee James will keep you chuckling (and puzzling) from cover to credits!”– WSJ and USA Today Best-Selling Author of the Pineapple Port Mysteries, Amy Vansant


Tour guide Georgie Tanner has always encouraged her clients to enjoy the realism of an American Revolutionary War reenactment – but today things get a little too real. When one of the actors doesn’t get back up after the battle, the crowd is horrified to find out he’s been shot for real.

Patrick Armstrong, local high school teacher, is dead. Georgie’s old high school friend, Terry Brooks, is arrested for the murder, because hundreds of witness can’t be wrong. There’s no denying he was the one who pulled the trigger. When he pleads innocence and begs Georgie for help, she agrees because there’s no way he’d do something like this, is there? Her sleuthing skills uncover other possible suspects, sure, and she wants to believe him.

So why then is the one piece of evidence she can’t shake pointing right at her friend’s guilt?

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