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A globe-trotting novel in which suspense is everywhere.

“I read Pierre Rehov’s “Beyond Red Lines” and I loved it” Pamela Geller’s report

” I highly recommend Pierre Rehov’s work” Michael Mandaville (author of Citizen-Soldier Handbook)



What would you do if you were an innocent man entangled in a dark conspiracy plot that took everything away from you…except your soul?

Theo thought they’d forgotten about his gift his CO noticed when he was a young conscript, but destiny wouldn’t let them use it. Instead of sending him to the front in Iraq, they had to send him home… but someone hadn’t forgotten about him.

Ten years later… how could he know that his talent would change his destiny and strip him from his humanity? It was an unexpected offer, the job of a lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to lead a team of computer experts on a top-secret project in the heart of Mexico?
But that job he was offered was a lure that would bring him there to this hell-on-earth place with his wife and his daughter…

They call themselves the “White Cells” and are hell-bent on exacting revenge on terrorists… that’s why they have these secret camps where they recruit and train mercenaries to fight for their cause – the base where Theo is stuck too…

Follow Theo as he tries to survive the inhumane conditions of a training camp as he searches for the puzzle pieces that would help him give the solution to the greater-than-the-world conspiracy plot that landed him in a hell-on-earth camp in the Sierra Madre.

With a delicate blend of political fiction, military action, and his factual worldviews combined with a journalistic approach, author Pierre Rehov will take you on a unique journey filled with thrill and suspense.

In Beyond the Red Lines, nothing is what it seems…


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