B For Bus: Scotty A to Z Transport Adventure Learning (A to Z Transport Adv...

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Great for preschoolers, back to school gift ideas and kids who love things that go! The exciting Scotty learning adventure continues with words starting with the letter B.

BEEP! BEEP! Scotty is nervous on his first trip on the big yellow school bus, but his adventure soon turns into a fun, action-packed trip. On the way to school, Scotty spots lots of interesting animals and objects that begin with the letter B.

The B for Bus kid’s story book is not just a bedtime story for toddlers. The concept is a fun learning experience traveling on a school bus and word building with the letter B.

Join the lovable Scotty on his learning journey with words starting with the letter B!



Join Scotty on a bus adventure and on the way to school, spot and learn words beginning with the letter B. Not just a bedtime story; this bus book has lots of fun activities to bring alphabet learning and basic vocabulary to life with the lovable character named Scotty.

  • Photos of wildlife and objects.
  • A memory quiz to enhance children’s alphabet learning and vocabulary.
  • Free downloadable learning activities.
  • Photos of different bus types.
  • Letter B diploma award for motivation and achievement.

With bright, beautiful and educational illustrations to encourage little ones to engage directly with the school bus story, providing the opportunity to try out new words beginning with the letter B.


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