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‘A real page-turner […] Unexpected, original, funny and sometimes deeply infuriating, Laura Friedman Williams has so much to say about what we expect of women’s sexuality. I loved it’ Viv Groskop author of How to Own the Room

“Gripping” – Vogue
“Empowering” – Cosmopolitan
“Joyful” – Financial Times
“Eye-popping” – Daily Mail


When her 22-year-marriage suddenly ended, 47-year-old mother of three Laura expected life as she knew it to be over. What she hadn’t expected:

· An incredible one-night stand
· A new-found sexual appetite
· Ten men in eight months
· That there is plenty of fun to be had after 40
From G-spots to bald spots, dirty talk to dating fiascos, Available is the unflinchingly honest, empowering, and humorous true story of one woman’s love life after divorce.


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