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If you want to discover the captivating life of Annie Oakley, then this tells much of her story, from birth to death, instead of just delving into her career as a professional sharp-shooter.


How could Annie Oakley, a woman of barely 110 pounds with a childlike beauty, beat so many of the greatest sharpshooters with her skill and talent? The name is probably familiar to most readers, but not many know about her early life or her great love for her husband, who was also a sharpshooter. We are taking you back more than a century to meet one of the greatest American folklore heroines who ever existed. Annie Oakley dazzled and awed millions of people during her career and met some of the most memorable people of her time, including Thomas Edison, Sitting Bull, Prince Edward, and the queen of England herself.

Annie Oakley is just one of the many impressive legends of the Wild West, and her journey took her from the small town of Greenville in Darke County, Ohio, to some of the biggest stages in America and Europe. Embark on that journey with Annie Oakley, from her humble beginnings to the glory and fame she achieved as one of the greatest sharpshooters of the Wild West, where legends of cowboys and sharpshooters abounded as one of the greatest nations of today was being forged.

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