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An enthralling, action-packed story, featuring complex and intriguing characters, drama and suspense, that will leave readers astounded. A must-read for fans of Western action with a touch of romance.


When John Whitmore first became a member of a vicious criminal gang, little did he know that his reckless life was about to change forever. Almost two years later, betrayed by his fellow bandits, he has no choice but to leave his villainous business behind and seek a new beginning. In an attempt to cover his tracks, he will present himself as the father to his best friend’s son, Eli, and they will both start their life over in Arizona. However, there will soon be a cloud on the horizon…

Will John manage to foresee the dangerous traps that will block his way?

With his former gang members on his trail, John is on pins and needles… Although he’s trying to dismiss the dark thoughts from his mind, an unexpected attack would terrify him. When the nasty criminals finally get to him, John will be confronted with a cruel threat: he will either help them pull off another risky heist, or both Eli’s and his life are in deadly danger. Will he eventually join forces with the evil bandits once more, or will he manage to escape this dreadful pursuit?

While John is severely trying to make this crucial decision, he will find himself trapped in the net of the lies that he crafted… Will this exhausting battle with the ghosts of his past finally come to an end? Or will he be forced to abandon the hopes and dreams for a new life forever?

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