Bone Pit (The Gina Mazzio Series Book 3) by Bette Golden Lamb & J. J. Lamb

Bone Pit (The Gina Mazzio Series Book 3) by Bette Golden Lamb & J. J. Lamb

bone pitThe THIRD book in the Gina Mazzio medical thriller seriesWHY DOES A HOSPITAL NEED BARS ON THE WINDOWS?
And why is the parking lot empty? As RNs Gina Fazzio and her fiancé Harry Lucke arrive for their new assignment as travel nurses, they suddenly have the chilling feeling of being about to enter a Stephen King novel—only in rural Nevada instead of Maine. This adventure’s supposed to be a respite from San Francisco, with its numbing memories of murder and kidnapping, but they seem to have signed up to work at a hospital with no windows on the first floor and barred windows on the second.

But a job’s a job, and they know the patients in there need help—Alzheimer’s patients. Only, the two nurse sleuths quickly discover, there aren’t as many as there used to be. Are patients here dying at an alarming rate? Sure seems like it to Gina and Harry. This could be murder committed on a grand scale—a uniquely medical crime complete with cover-up.

In this chilling work of medical suspense, they unravel a conspiracy conceived by Big Pharma and a mad scientist—a terrifying megalomaniac with way too much power, the classic Doctor-God ego, and a grisly hobby. Very grisly. Like all entries in the Gina Mazzio series, only fans of hard-boiled, hard-core medical crime series need apply. (Even then, they should expect a few goose bumps and maybe the odd nightmare.)

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