The Knokkits: The Prophecy by N.L. Collier

The Knokkits: The Prophecy by N.L. Collier

What a great find. Magical, intriguing and wonderfully descriptive, it takes you to a whole new world of nature and mystery and adventure. Great for kids and adults. When’s the next one…..?!”
the knokkitsBowger, the leader of Knokkit Thicket, has received a disturbing message from the breeze in the trees. On seeking clarification from the omnipotent Sylph, Bowger’s worst fears are confirmed. An ancient prophecy shall come to pass, and a sleeping death shall spread across the lands.

High up in the north and deep in the bowels of Mount Helix, a heart of darkness so primordial and so absolute has just started to beat.
Two young Knokkits at opposite ends of the land become unwitting targets of the rising darkness.

Bowger faces a race against time to stop The Dark Source and save his Knokkits, but he can’t do it alone!

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