Ripples After Death by Jack A Tittle

Ripples After Death by Jack A Tittle

Anthonripples after deathy Lopinto first meets his son, New Orleans attorney Sergio Messina, after a twenty-seven year absence. He tries to make up for lost time but soon realizes his son’s childhood scars will not heal unless he explains his secret past. But Anthony can’t do that as long as he is alive.
Sergio spends three short years with his father, always afraid to talk about the past for fear of losing him again. Then Sergio finds Anthony’s body riddled with bullets and embarks on a dangerous course that leads him to Sicily where he discovers answers to the question he never asked. Why did Anthony avoid me all those years?

But Sergio is not alone. He is shadowed at every step by an assassin, Damien LeClair, who is searching for Anthony’s autobiography, a book that, if published, could end the reign of the powerful Sicilian Don, Giuseppi Vitelli.

Sergio doesn’t have Damien’s underworld skills but his father teaches him how to survive. He guides Sergio via encrypted messages and leads him to Gina Richi, the girl Anthony handpicked as Sergio’s mate, and together they discover what Anthony couldn’t tell Sergio while he was alive.

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