The Ijohnny brightnspirational Story of a Man Who Battled Insurmountable Odds to Succeed

A Testament to the Spirit of Pioneers Against Poverty and Discrimination

Johnny Bright, Champion is the inspiring story of a talented man who battled challenge after challenge he faced until he finally succeeded against all the odds.

Johnny Bright grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A black student-athlete in late 1940s, Johnny had many obstacles on his path to success. But through his strong spirit, perseverance, courage, and amazing athletic ability, Johnny opened doors for himself and future generations.

Read this biographical novel that follows the challenging journey of Johnny Bright from his athletic beginnings at high-school to his place in Drake University Football team where his raw talent and dedication helped bring around the “Bright Era” in Drake Football.

And, during one of the most challenging games of his football career, he underwent an violent ordeal that was the subject of a Pulitzer Prize winning photo series. This series is a vivid reminder of his strength of character.

Johnny Bright was the original National Football League first-round draftee to “head north.” There he earned recognition as one of the Canadian Football League’s greatest running backs of all time. He thereafter went on to become an outstanding coach, educator, and mentor.

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