Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye Part Five: The Countdown Begins by Patrick Higgins

Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye Part Five: The Countdown Begins by Patrick Higgins

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After countless millions of people silently and mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth—including all small children—in the blink of an eye, the world was plunged into unbridled chaos. In the days following the Rapture of Christ’s Church, the ultimate enemy of God raised up his primary human agent in the flesh to carry out his diabolical mission, Salvador Romanero.The Miracle Maker, as Salvador Romanero was known throughout the world—after various predictions he’d made had all come true—was about to perform his greatest miracle: bringing peace to a tiny country that had lived in constant fear since its inception, the nation of Israel.But instead of a peace treaty being signed, Jerusalem fell under a sneak attack on that day. In just six hours, more blood was shed in the streets of the Holy Land than any other 24-hour period in Israel’s turbulent history. Much of the city was in shambles. Smoke smoldered from buildings.The most notable was the Dome of the Rock. The Muslim shrine that was constructed in Jerusalem back in the 7th century now lay in ruins. Muslims all over the world mourned bitterly. Mourning very quickly turned into outrage when Salvador Romanero announced to the world that the Dome of Rock would never be rebuilt.Hundreds of thousands of Muslims flooded the Holy Land seeking revenge.But it wasn’t just Muslims Salvador Romanero was out to silence. Anyone opposing the one world government he was putting in motion—to include a one world religion—would be silenced for good.As the Miracle Maker set out to create a brave new world, children of the Most High God were preparing for the absolute worst. They knew God’s unprecedented judgments were coming. After all, it was written. They also knew Salvador Romanero was the long-foretold Antichrist of the Bible, and there was nothing they could do to stop the Son of Perdition in his quest for global worship.Initially, Clayton Holmes and Travis Hartings, founders of the End Times Salvation Movement, used a website to connect them to other new believers also left behind on that fateful day. Both men prayed for weeks on end that God would give them a surefire sign so they would know who was trustworthy or not. For three consecutive nights they had the very same dream. Both heard a voice say, ‘Those who contact you regarding this dream are trustworthy.’Knowing the Most High God was using supernatural dreams to bring His children together in these end times, while many showed interest in joining their rapidly growing organization, only those who’d had certain dreams were deemed trustworthy and invited to live on the properties they would soon have in their possession.But with the second attempt to sign a peace treaty with Israel now upon them, the chaotic world humanity had inherited after the Rapture, would soon come completely unglued.Instead of peace and prosperity for all, Planet Earth would experience the most turbulent seven years humanity would ever know…

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