Wired Dark: Vigilante Justice Thriller Series (Paradise Crime Thrillers Boo...

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“Toby Neal has created a wonderfully rounded action heroine with everything: looks, brains, mixed martial arts prowess, and the ability to swear proficiently in Thai and English. Fans of the genre will love FBI agent Sophie Ang, as well as the tangled web she must negotiate in the tropical setting of Hawaii.” Russell Blake, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

Paradise can’t contain a thirst for revenge.
How would you handle a sadistic stalker?



  • If Lisbeth Salander and Jack Reacher had a Black/Thai love child…she would be SOPHIE.
  • Brilliant hacker, MMA fighter, domestic abuse survivor, chronic depressive
  • Likes kids and animals more than people
  • Superpower: everyone falls in love with Sophie
  • Likes to go off the grid and hide under a fake identity
  • Never, never gives up on a case. Never.

Security specialist Sophie Ang returns to Maui, working alongside dynamic partner Jake Dunn to solve a series of bizarre and escalating threats against a rocker with a beach mansion. But soon, catching a crazed stalker becomes the least of Sophie’s problems: a deadly enemy is hell-bent on taking her down, along with anyone she cares about. Sophie’s very identity is tested as she grapples with issues of conscience and survival in a struggle that takes her to the edge of heartbreak, and beyond.

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