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Winter’s Captive, by June V. Bourgo, is an engaging story of one woman’s emotional and spiritual journey. The heroine, Georgia, is five months pregnant when she finds herself lost and alone in the woods. Bourgo uses the setting – an isolated, snowbound cabin – to provide the motivation for her heroine’s growth.

The child growing in her womb is a focal point that parallels Georgia’s developing emotional maturity. To survive, Georgia enters into a social compact with herself, her unborn child, and a spirit guide.


Recently separated from her cheating husband and unaware of a budding pregnancy, Georgia Charles is on her way to Yukon to visit a childhood friend.

After she’s attacked by unknown men, Georgia’s trip becomes a fight for survival. Escaping to the wild, she seeks shelter in an abandoned cabin.

With no survival skills and an impending childbirth, Georgia has to face the harsh elements of British Columbia’s Last Frontier – and her inner demons – in order to survive.

As adversity and unrelenting conditions test her character and will to live, can Georgia save herself, and her unborn child?


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