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White Lines is the second novel in the John Tyler series. It’s perfect for readers who take their thrillers with lots of action, a little heart, and a little humor.


An international drug cartel started the fight.
John Tyler will finish it.

Tyler is back to work as a classic auto mechanic. When a young woman—and car enthusiast—brings her vintage Porsche in for some work, Tyler is glad to talk shop with her.

When she never returns for her car, he wonders what’s going on.

His daughter Lexi doesn’t want him to investigate. Something bothers Tyler about what happened, though, and he’s determined to uncover what happened to the mysterious woman from the shop.

The twists and turns of her life soon put Tyler in the path of a brutal drug cartel. They’re establishing a foothold in Maryland and show no mercy to anyone who gets in their way.

Tyler’s quest will take him far out of state and put him directly in the path of the group’s most sinister killers. How far will he go to stop the shadowy group, and what price will he—and those close to him—pay?

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