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“The masterfully dystopian WATERSHED unpacks the future of a modern America that, while spectacular, nobody was expecting… It’s a future that, as Leonard Cohen sang, is murder. The revelations of prose in WATERSHED makes that murder enjoyable… one of the few things worth believing in.” – Two Thirds North

“This cynical and surreal vision of a near-future America is intriguing and there is some genuine dark humor in the story… The use of language is interesting and the ideas are expressed thoughtfully, with attention to each word… unusual in both ideas and expression, blending elements of a suspense thriller with hints of paranormal fiction and a fair portion of social commentary to create a unique feel.” – Publishers Weekly, BookLife Prize Review



“(O)ne of the most interesting books you’ll read this year,”

WATERSHED is a thriller about a pregnant woman, and the two men—one a snake dealer with a sideline in secret messages and a billionaire living under an alias—who pursue her through a near-future America of anti-technology neighborhoods and illegal hospitals, where stockbrokers moonlight as assassins, nurses procure obscure pleasures, and the powers that be blow up the new World Trade Center to goose tourism.

WATERSHED was named a Book of the Month by The Association of Independent Authors and recognized in Kirkus Reviews’ Stars and Recommendations section as “an appealing mix of adventure and contemplation.”



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